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A list of the most popular Rust repositories

✨ 🤖 đŸļ the new CLI for apollo

docs contain more detailed information that should be your primary reference for all things Rover

Plotters - A Rust drawing library focus on data plotting for both WASM and native...

Plotters - A Rust drawing library focus on data plotting for both WASM and native applications đŸĻ€đŸ“ˆđŸš€

Rust bindings of Mozilla's DeepSpeech library

Rust bindings of release announcement contains precompiled libraries for various targets

Rust JSON parsing benchmarks

This project aims to provide benchmarks to show how various JSON-parsing libraries in the Rust programming language perform at various JSON-parsing tasks

Netcat, curl and socat for WebSockets

Netcat, curl and socat for pre-built executables


Newest crates, repos, libraries

⚠ī¸ This is an in-progress v0

0 Proof-of-Concept, do not rely on it

Tundra is an open-source MyAnimeList scrobbler application for Linux

It automatically detects media players running on your computer, checks for any anime videos playing, and marks them as watched on you MAL profile

NFT minter Smart Contract

Be aware that the Smart Contract doesn't have any audits

A game-of-life implementation with Rust and WebAssembly

Built with đŸĻ€đŸ•¸ by Wikipedia definition:

Conduit is designed to be the ultimate security platform, enabling developers to swiftly test a...

Conduit is designed to be the ultimate security platform, enabling developers to swiftly test a range of common exploits

include-sqlite-sql is an extension of include-sql for using SQLite SQL in Rust

include-sqlite-sql is an extension of Rusqlite for database access

Rust client library for OpenRGB SDK

Rust client library for documentation and

A secure, cross-platform, temporary file library for Rust

temporary files, this library also allows users to securely open multiple



This is the repository for Enso's graphical interface component

If you're looking for the main product repository, you may find it at at 👉

Permissions crate

Useful filesystem queries for file permissions:

English | įŽ€äŊ“中文

CITA is a fast and scalable blockchain kernel for enterprises

Build, bundle & ship your Rust WASM application to the web

”Pack your things, we’re going on an adventure!” ~ Ferris

ggez is a Rust library to create a Good Game Easily

This means it contains basic and portable 2D

Rust implementation of Weighted Finite States Transducers

Rustfst is a library for constructing, combining, optimizing, and searching weighted

Tendermint KMS 🔐

Tendermint applications such as

Environment Setup

Build and test for program compiled natively

AluVM rust implementation

Rust implementation of AluVM (arithmetic logic unit virtual machine) and

Rust į‰ˆ ServerStatus äē‘æŽĸ针

| 反éĻˆīŧšåœ¨ Railway 部įŊ˛ Server 教į¨‹

Reference implementation of the Stacks blockchain in Rust

Reference implementation of the Proof of Transfer (PoX) mining that anchors to Bitcoin security

CXX — safe FFI between Rust and C++

This library provides a safe mechanism for calling C++ code from Rust and

A simple flying shooting game made with the bevy engine

A simple flying shooting game made with the



A bLazInGlY fAsT, skinnier version of the ancient tree command which displays a colorful depth...

A bLazInGlY fAsT, skinnier version of the ancient the releases section

Ternoa Blockchain 🚀

Ternoa blockchain Client docs :)

Substrate Node Template

A fresh FRAME-based Substrate Playground :hammer_and_wrench:

Shaku is a compile time dependency injection Rust library

See the General getting started guide, with components (aka singletons)

Grumpy Visitors 2D Rust game for code reference and learning

Grumpy Visitors is a top-down 2D action arcade game

This is the bridge from BSC to Realis Network

make run - Build and launch this project

Hyeo-ung Programming Language

More explanation on latest release to download

Ruma – Your home in Matrix

If you want to build a Matrix client or bot, have a look at on docs

Single-threaded, cycle-aware, reference-counting pointers

What if, hear me out, we put a hash map in a smart pointer?

Implementation of JSON Web Tokens in Rust

Simple way to work with json jwt token with support for many algo's and features

Oito is a personal project that I wanted to make in my free time

I always had interest on emulation so I decided to make my own Chip8 emulator,

Tic Tac Toe game in Rust đŸĻ€

This is a game of Tic Tac Toe implemented in Rust programming language, this project is just for learning me rust so there can be...

solders is a Python binding to the

It provides robust, high-performance solutions to core Solana tasks such as transaction signing and serialization, and saves us from reimplementing Solana logic in pure Python

"If you implement boundaries and nobody is around to push them, do they even

Have you ever wondered how your sandbox looks like from the inside?


A CLI implementing the minimum edit distance algorithm in rust

Bitcoin Wallet Tracker

⛓ī¸ on-chain or ⚡ lightning via BTCPay

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