My ports of open source games to Rust, using different pure-Rust game engines

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      • Boing/ggez
      • Cavern/Macroquad
      • Rusty Roguelike/Bevy ECS
      • Soccer/Fyrox
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The completed ports are:

Source Game Engine
Code the Classics Vol. 1 Boing ggez
Code the Classics Vol. 1 Cavern Macroquad
Hands-on Rust: Effective Learning... Rusty Roguelike Bevy (ECS)
Code the Classics Vol. 1 Soccer Fyrox

I currently don't plan any further ports.


Nightly Rust may be required for some games.

The games have been carefully ported; some design details have been implemented non-idiomatically; this has been intentional, in order not to diverge too much from the original projects (and therefore, to make direct comparison not too hard). Nonetheless, if you have doubts/suggestions about the quality of the code, you're invited to open an issue 😄



A very straightforward port 🙂


Another very straightforward port 🙂

This port suffers from two Macroquad bugs:

  • the music starts with a delay;
  • on Nvidia cards, on Linux, CPU runs at 100% load (reported here).

Only the stable part of the library is used (the experimental scene API is not used).

Rusty Roguelike/Bevy ECS

The ECS part of this game, originally Legion, has been ported to Bevy (the graphic/input library used is still bracket-lib).

I wrote a mini book, "Learn Bevy's ECS by ripping off someone else's project", based on this project.


This port required a non-trivial restructuring, in order to move to a scene-graph based design.

The port suffers from two Fyrox bugs:

  • at least one sound plays with a delay (reported here);
  • some images render incorrectly (reported here).

Source Projects/Libraries


  • Code the Classics Vol. 1 (repository and book): A very beautiful book on beginning game programming, written in Python; the project comprises of several games of different genres, each with a surprising complexity under the hood
  • Rust Roguelike/Hands-on Rust: Effective Learning... (repository and book): Another great book, on writing games in Rust; the project is divided in clear and progressive steps, and it's, in my opinion, the most effective way to learn working with ECSs (in this case, Legion)


  • ggez
  • Macroquad
  • Bevy
  • Fyrox

  • each project has a dedicated Visual Studio Code configuration (.vscode directory)
  • the Rusty Roguelike project has one directory (workspace) for each step, but a shared target directory (in the parent directory of the projects)

Collection of the latest Issues



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Have you noticed a weird lagging issue when moving around in the bevy port? It seems to be linked to the camera movement where the monsters are basically being rendered twice. Here is a gif of it happening Lagging

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