osu! server written in Rust

Fully asynchronous, high concurrency, high performance, and high security

Peace (WIP)

I'm new to rust and this is my first rust project. I first learned about the rust language and was very excited by its language features, then I read the documentation for about a few days and started the project. It was just for fun, and the feeling of learning and completing the project at the same time made me feel happy... Although rust language is not very easy to learn and often brings me a lot of difficulties ...... (lol). However, I actually have a lot of ideas for the osu server and will try to implement something different and interesting on PEACE. I also hope I can finish the frontend of PEACE independently, although I don't know when it will be done, looooool! Just for fun.

  • Some features i think

    • Very high speed of rust language
    • Difficult syntax for rust language
    • Unique database design
      • I designed it myself haphazardly.
    • Unique and modern front-end website.
    • Powerful administration panel.
    • Players choose their own nationality
      • Instead of judging nationality by ip, which is too bad. So, the USSR may be resurrected. lol
    • Multi-username (Currently achieved)
      • A user can have two usernames, and one of them supports unicode, which means that Chinese, Japanese, Russian, etc. can be used as usernames, even emoji (though the osu client doesn't seem to support emoji very well). Also, the user can choose what name should be displayed in game: English name? or unicode name.
    • Special PP/ranking?
      • Maybe I can make ppv1, ppv2 run on the server at the same time and let the players choose which one to base their ranking on. Or even make an algorithm like pp+, or even elo system (tournament or mp).
    • Season Ranking / Season System
      • A season mode like League of Legends or something? lol
    • Submit a beatmap?
      • Of course there may be some risks associated with this? Or we can use a decentralized way to store beatmap.
    • Reincarnation system?
      • Feel this is very interesting. Life can start all over again
    • pp farm multiplayer game
      • Use pp as ranking for multiplayer games
    • A bot that supports multiple languages?
      • I am not good at English, lol
    • True stealth mode
      • Practice secretly, but without being discovered by your friends
    • In-Game Translation?
    • osu!lazer support
    • Auto multiplayer game competition bot
    • Detailed and professional play statistics
    • Optional score display
      • If a player has multiple scores on a difficulty, allow the player to choose no less than 10-30% of the highest score as the best play
    • music game, not combo game
      • Provides a way to calculate pp that is not related to combo, or not very relevant.
    • Allow multiple accounts
      • Some people like to have multiple accounts. Perhaps a limited number of multiple accounts could be allowed to be created within certain rule limits.
    • Maybe release cryptocurrency. Give rewards as you play
    • May allow players to bind to accounts on the official server of osu!
      • After binding, give a label of "authenticated user"
    • Maybe allow players to import scores from the official osu! server
    • Credit System
      • Cheating/related actions will not necessarily result in the player being immediately banned from the server, but rather a significant amount of credit will be deducted and the player's credit will be displayed on their profile. When a player's credit is too low, the score/ranking may no longer be valid.
    • Score Confidence System
      • The replay submitted by the player will be reviewed by the program, which will determine the credibility of this score and will be displayed on the player page. Also, players with good credit can rate other players' scores and influence the credibility.
    • Professional Competition / Anti-Cheat Client
      • Anti-cheat programs may be provided for matches that require them, and players will need to complete the match with anti-cheat programs turned on throughout.
    • Competition registration, posting and management
    • Score Subscription Center
      • It should be a websocket-based platform to which the server will broadcast the latest scores reached.
    • Distributed Server Support
      • I used a modular approach to write peace, many components can be freely combined or reused to achieve a distributed server is theoretically possible.
    • Microservices, even serve-less support
      • rust is too hard to write, maybe I need to switch to another programming language!!!

Whew, so tired... I have so many ideas, maybe I'm better suited as a product manager than a programmer. I'm not sure how many of the ideas above can be realized, heh.

pp-server for peace, or for other apps! https://github.com/Pure-Peace/pp-server

If you want to see the performance comparison of different bancho servers

  • Bancho benchmarks vs


  • Rust 1.51 (stable)
  • PostgreSQL 12+, with special database design...(maybe..)
  • Redis
  • Prometheus + Grafana: server monitoring and visualization (performance)
  • Sentry: server monitoring (errors)
  • WebSocket support (used to push user results, etc.?)
  • Web templates support... (html will be compiled into the binary file)
  • Geo-ip Local geo-ip service (or api), fast and available for your other applications!


  • Waiting for v1.0.0...

Database design (WIP...)

Why not python or javascript?

  • Because I want to try out a high-performance, efficient compiled language.
  • If you want a bancho written in python, please use gulag, it's good.

Why not C++?

  • Because Rust is the best choice for near C++ performance, but more modern.
  • Benchmark: Rust vs C, C++, Go
  • Benchmark: Web Framework

Reasons to choose Rust

  1. High performance and efficiency

    No garbage collection, Rust's performance is very close to C++, and its memory footprint is low.

  2. Modernization

    Rust is a modern compiled language with an elegant syntax.

  3. Package Management

    Cargo, just like npm or pip, is convenient and has many packages available.

  4. Security

    Memory Safety: No worry about memory leaks and segment errors;

    Thread-safe: no data contention.

  5. Asynchronous Support

    It is very easy and elegant to write asynchronous code in Rust, supporting very high concurrency.

  6. Cross-compilation

    Rust is very easy to cross-compile. After a simple configuration, you can compile Rust programs for linux platforms on Windows.

  7. Documentation

    Clear and complete language documentation

Reference Links

  • https://benchmarksgame-team.pages.debian.net/benchmarksgame/fastest/rust.html

  • https://medium.com/paritytech/why-rust-846fd3320d3f

  • https://logdna.com/blog/coding-for-performance-why-we-chose-rust/

  • https://kornel.ski/rust-c-speed

  • https://www.techempower.com/benchmarks/#section=data-r19&hw=ph&test=composite

  • https://www.rust-lang.org/

But you can still star :p

Recommended development tools: Visual Studio Code or CLion

Soo good

Vscode plugins:

Rust Syntax
Even Better TOML
Better Comments
Code Runner

GitLens — Git supercharged
Git History
Git Graph

Avatar Server?

  • Use nginx (good performance; simple configuration)
  • This is different from many bancho implementations, why?
  • The effect is the same, you can access 1000.jpg (or png, gif, jpg) via a.ppy.sh/1000
  • nginx is the most suitable software as a static resource server

Use nginx to separate the avatar resources from the bancho server (separating static and dynamic resources) for optimal processing performance.

Dev on windows

Add hosts: osu.ppy.sh c.ppy.sh c1.ppy.sh c2.ppy.sh c3.ppy.sh c4.ppy.sh c5.ppy.sh c6.ppy.sh ce.ppy.sh a.ppy.sh i.ppy.sh

Start Nginx: http://nginx.org/download/nginx-1.18.0.zip

  • With nginx configuration file and ssl certificate.
  • Need to install certificate to "Trusted Certification Authority" first.

Install PostgreSQL and initialize Peace database:

cd sql


After installing this module, turn it on in the .toml configuration file to get the user's geolocation information. Also peace provides geo-ip api to allow your other applications to use this service as well.

>> Go to Readme and setup!



Request 1ms, Result:

    "ip_address": "",
    "latitude": 22.3833,
    "longitude": 114.2,
    "continent_code": "AS",
    "continent_name": "Asia",
    "country_code": "HK",
    "country_name": "Hong Kong",
    "region_code": "NST",
    "region_name": "Sha Tin",
    "city_name": "Sha Tin Wai",
    "timezone": "Asia/Hong_Kong",

    "message": null,
    "status_code": 1

Finally, Run Peace:



  • The compilation speed is faster, but the binary file size is larger. And the performance is much lower than release compilation and cannot be used for performance testing.
cargo run


  • Longer compilation time, but best performance, suitable for deployment.
  • You can edit Cargo.toml to enable lto, which will increase compilation time, but with better performance and smaller files
cargo run --release
cargo build --release

The compiled binary can be moved to any directory containing config and run, this means you can compile on the PC, and then send binary files to the server for deployment.

Run with environment

  • Run Peace with the specified configuration file:
  • The configuration file must be located in the config directory (environment.toml)
  • Default: development
cargo run <environment(.toml)>


cargo run prodction
cargo run development --release

Run binary file with environment

./Peace prodction

Windows cross compile linux need to add target x86_64-unknown-linux-musl first

cargo cross_linux_x86

Nginx and SSL certificate configuration

  • Read nginx/readme.md



Find the latest versions by id

v0.12.0 - Jun 16, 2021

#1 Rijndael is now implemented, python has been removed. #3 It compiles normally now.


v0.11.2 - May 23, 2021

0.11.0 -> 0.11.2 - Solved the problem of multipart after migrating to ntex The score submission and in-game registration have been fixed

v0.10.3-beta - May 05, 2021

Maybe after that it will be migrated from actix-web to ntex

v0.8.0-beta - Apr 21, 2021

Completely refactored bancho configuration.

Information - Updated Mar 29, 2022

Stars: 44
Forks: 2
Issues: 0

Repositories & Extras



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REST API with Rust using Actix-Web 2

GET /users ➡ returns all users

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Rust actix json request example

Send a json request to actix, and parse it

Rust actix json request example
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