Rust API client for immurs

IMPORTANT: All get and safeget functions return base64-encoded keys and values, while all set and safeset functions expect base64-encoded inputs

IMPORTANT: All get and safeget functions return base64-encoded keys and values, while all set and safeset functions expect base64-encoded inputs.


This API client was generated by the OpenAPI Generator project. By using the openapi-spec from a remote server, you can easily generate an API client.

  • API version: version not set
  • Package version: version not set
  • Build package: org.openapitools.codegen.languages.RustClientCodegen


Put the package under your project folder in a directory named immurs and add the following to Cargo.toml under [dependencies]:

immurs = { path = "./immurs" }

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to http://localhost

Class Method HTTP request Description
ImmuDBApi immu_db_change_password POST /user/password/change
ImmuDBApi immu_db_change_permission POST /user/changepermission
ImmuDBApi immu_db_compact_index GET /db/compactindex
ImmuDBApi immu_db_count GET /db/count/{prefix} NOT YET SUPPORTED
ImmuDBApi immu_db_count_all GET /db/countall NOT YET SUPPORTED
ImmuDBApi immu_db_create_database POST /db/create DEPRECATED: kept for backward compatibility
ImmuDBApi immu_db_create_database_with POST /db/createwith
ImmuDBApi immu_db_create_user POST /user
ImmuDBApi immu_db_current_state GET /db/state
ImmuDBApi immu_db_database_list POST /db/list
ImmuDBApi immu_db_describe_table POST /db/tables
ImmuDBApi immu_db_exec_all POST /db/execall
ImmuDBApi immu_db_get GET /db/get/{key}
ImmuDBApi immu_db_get_all POST /db/getall
ImmuDBApi immu_db_health GET /health
ImmuDBApi immu_db_history POST /db/history
ImmuDBApi immu_db_list_tables GET /db/table/list
ImmuDBApi immu_db_list_users GET /user/list
ImmuDBApi immu_db_login POST /login
ImmuDBApi immu_db_logout POST /logout
ImmuDBApi immu_db_scan POST /db/scan
ImmuDBApi immu_db_set POST /db/set
ImmuDBApi immu_db_set_active_user POST /user/setactiveUser
ImmuDBApi immu_db_set_reference POST /db/setreference
ImmuDBApi immu_db_update_database POST /db/update
ImmuDBApi immu_db_use_database GET /db/use/{databaseName}
ImmuDBApi immu_db_use_snapshot GET /db/usesnapshot SQL
ImmuDBApi immu_db_verifiable_get POST /db/verifiable/get
ImmuDBApi immu_db_verifiable_set POST /db/verifiable/set
ImmuDBApi immu_db_verifiable_set_reference POST /db/verifiable/setreference
ImmuDBApi immu_db_verifiable_sql_get POST /db/verifiable/sqlget
ImmuDBApi immu_db_verifiable_tx_by_id GET /db/verifiable/tx/{tx}
ImmuDBApi immu_db_verifiable_z_add POST /db/verifiable/zadd
ImmuDBApi immu_dbsql_exec POST /db/sqlexec
ImmuDBApi immu_dbsql_query POST /db/sqlquery
ImmuDBApi immu_dbtx_by_id GET /db/tx/{tx}
ImmuDBApi immu_dbtx_scan POST /db/tx
ImmuDBApi immu_dbz_add POST /db/zadd
ImmuDBApi immu_dbz_scan POST /db/zscan

Documentation For Models

  • ProtobufAny
  • ProtobufNullValue
  • RuntimeError
  • RuntimeStreamError
  • SchemaChangePasswordRequest
  • SchemaChangePermissionRequest
  • SchemaChunk
  • SchemaColumn
  • SchemaCreateUserRequest
  • SchemaDatabase
  • SchemaDatabaseListResponse
  • SchemaDatabaseSettings
  • SchemaDualProof
  • SchemaEntries
  • SchemaEntry
  • SchemaEntryCount
  • SchemaExecAllRequest
  • SchemaHealthResponse
  • SchemaHistoryRequest
  • SchemaImmutableState
  • SchemaInclusionProof
  • SchemaKeyListRequest
  • SchemaKeyRequest
  • SchemaKeyValue
  • SchemaLinearProof
  • SchemaLoginRequest
  • SchemaLoginResponse
  • SchemaNamedParam
  • SchemaOp
  • SchemaPermission
  • SchemaPermissionAction
  • SchemaReference
  • SchemaReferenceRequest
  • SchemaRow
  • SchemaScanRequest
  • SchemaScore
  • SchemaSetActiveUserRequest
  • SchemaSetRequest
  • SchemaSignature
  • SchemaSqlEntry
  • SchemaSqlExecRequest
  • SchemaSqlExecResult
  • SchemaSqlGetRequest
  • SchemaSqlQueryRequest
  • SchemaSqlQueryResult
  • SchemaSqlValue
  • SchemaTable
  • SchemaTx
  • SchemaTxEntry
  • SchemaTxList
  • SchemaTxMetadata
  • SchemaTxScanRequest
  • SchemaUseDatabaseReply
  • SchemaUser
  • SchemaUserList
  • SchemaVerifiableEntry
  • SchemaVerifiableGetRequest
  • SchemaVerifiableReferenceRequest
  • SchemaVerifiableSetRequest
  • SchemaVerifiableSqlEntry
  • SchemaVerifiableSqlGetRequest
  • SchemaVerifiableTx
  • SchemaVerifiableZAddRequest
  • SchemaZAddRequest
  • SchemaZEntries
  • SchemaZEntry
  • SchemaZScanRequest

To get access to the crate's generated documentation, use:

cargo doc --open


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