This is an application seed to quickly get started with a containerized Rust application

Ctrl+Shift+B executes cargo build

Rust App Seed


Rust inner loop

  • Ctrl+Shift+B executes cargo build
  • Launch configurations (F5 debugging):
    • Debug executable
    • Debug unit tests
  • Tasks
    • cargo check
    • cargo build
  • Extensions
    • CodeLLDB
    • rust-analyzer

Container inner loop

  • Tasks
    • run in local cluster - launches your app in a local k3d cluster
    • reset dev environment - reset the local k3d cluster
  • Platform services
    • Port 8081 exposes the dialtone services (Prometheus, ex) available to your app

Getting Started

Use this template to create a new repository

In your repository, create a new Codespace

Make code changes, using the preconfigured tasks to check, build, and debug your app

When you are ready to run your app in a container, use the run in local cluster task

(Advanced) View and debug in your local cluster via the kubernetes extension and/or kubectl

Visit the Ports tab to get the address for your codespace for port 8081

Hit the site to get a list of application endpoints and dialtone services

Information - Updated Nov 15, 2021

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Rust version of LodePNG

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